The Pueblo Chieftain Press

The Pueblo Chieftain Man Roland PressOur Man Roland Uniset press can run at speeds up to 60,000 per hour.  It was installed in the early 1990’s and has recently been updated with new print cylinders and a complete electrical upgrade.

We can produce broadsheet, tabloid and booklet products.  Product sizes range from 6”x10.5” to 17”x22” for one page.  We can print on newsprint, high bright paper that is a little heavier than newsprint and thick high bright paper.

Our press crew has many years of experience – from 15 to 30 years of printing.  Print quality is unmatched.  We are SNAP certified and the last two times we tested our score was 100%.

Printing single section or multiple section papers is possible on the press which saves inserting costs and decreases production time needed.  Since we print 7 days a week, finding time to print your product shouldn’t be difficult.